Bring Your Video Game Craze With You To Halloween Parties!

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Halloweens come with the worry of costume selection every year. Do you belong to this worried club too? This year, don’t waste your energy in this confusion and invest it in finding a video game with the coolest outfits. Enter into the world of video games and lend your hands on amazing costume ideas of every genre for this Halloween. The gaming characters are usually suited up in jackets, giving us an edgy option with Halloween Costume Jackets. Not just costumes, many activities also are the life of this night. Stay with us to get incredible ideas for this year’s party.

Play Video Games To Spice Up The Night!

Many video games release their Halloween’s version as soon as October starts. Downloading and playing them in character’s inspired costumes at a Halloween night is fun. Pair up with your friends, knock out the other team in the multiplayer mode, go solo, and beat the crap out of your friend. Action video games are the best choices for some heated-fun. While role-playing ones are the best picks for entertainment. Many video games can take your fun to another level.

‘Man of Medan’ by The Dark Pictures is an interactive horror survival video game that has made headlines since its release. Deciding either to save a friend being eaten by the zombies or to run for their lives, five friends have to take life-risking decisions. Being stuck in a ghost ship, which character makes it till the end, is the suspense. This adventure-packed game will keep you hooked up all night. So, gear up in the costume and feel the thrills for real! 

The most popular Battle Royale Game, ‘PUBG’s’ Halloween mode, has gained millions of downloads. The mode is named The Survive Till Dawn, where you will spend two nights and three days and survive till the end. Players are required to go out in the day and full their bag packs with guns and gadgets to knock the zombies’ pumpkin heads out at night. 

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is a fun yet spooky game, perfect for families and friends to enjoy. The multiplayer game revolves around hunting the ghosts and saving your friends. Play either teaming up with your friends in cooperative mode or play against them in teams; Team Gooigi vs. Team Luigi. See who the best ghost hunter is. Don’t forget to check every floor of the hotel or else you might leave some of your friends behind as ghost’s food!

Celebrities Rocking The Gaming World As Well!

Our favorite celebrities are setting every screen on fire, either the big cinematic ones or small TV ones. Social media gets stacked up with many pictures just after every big event, and we immediately swipe our fingers through them. Inspiring us everywhere, we have now got plenty of ideas for every event. But to look exactly like them is a tricky thing. Learn some techniques and feel no inferior to a fashion stylist. Just by following and keenly observing the celebrities, you are nearly there!

The characters from the most favorite ’90s video game ‘Pokémon’ are considered the perfect picks for Halloweens. Mac Miller and Ariana Grande opted for the cute Pikachu and Eevee costumes. Ansel Elgort and his girlfriend showed up as the villains from the game, Jesse and James, and looked adorable. ‘Mortal Kombat’ costumes are also the hottest picks among celebrities. Many celebrities like Paris Jackson dressed up as Sonya Blade and even carried a gun with her. La La Anthony chose Mileena, and with the iconic mask and ponytail, she nailed the character. 

Who can forget the sexy version of Kitana from the same game when Teyana Taylor showed up as her for Halloween party? The legendary ‘Super Mario’ is every ’90s kids’ most loved video game. We all love Mario, Princess Peach, Waluigi, Luigi, every single one of them! Celebrities like the famous singer John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen rocked Mario’s and Princess Peach’s costumes and gave us a major couple of goals. With his friends, Seth Rogen brought the whole Mario Family to the Halloween party and made everyone smile with the funky costumes.

Jasmine Tookes made all of us take a second look at her when she showed up looking the same as Lara Croft from ‘Tomb Raider. For some beautiful outfits this year, Princess Zelda from ‘The Legend of Zelda’ is a great option. Put on a solo show or take your partner with you dressed as her love interest, Link. For idea, search Christina Aguilera and Matt Rutler’s Halloween costume inspired by this video game. 

Celebrities have been setting examples in every fashion world. Either the gaming world or the sporting world, they are leaving remarks everywhere. You can take your obsession with you to any event by gearing up in the favorite character’s outfit from any game or movie. Getting into the details of the look and how these celebrities do with their Halloween Celebrity Jackets will make you the center of attention this year’s Halloween!


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