How to make children’s day special: 8 things you can do

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children's day special:

We try to make everyday special for our children, and they look forward to pampering and treats and outings. But one day, we go the extra mile to make sure that all our kids feel unique and remarkable in every sense of the word, and that is children day. Celebrated in India on 14th November, it is an exciting day for kids.

All adults would remember dressing up nicely and going to their school on this day. There were classes and no homework, but only fares, dancing, and lots of food. Even today, all schools and even some colleges have a fair with lots of swings, dance, food, and songs for their students, and every kid comes home with a treat.

On this day, a parent also needs to make their kid feel extra special. The best gift for them on this day is to spend time with them and engage in fun activities. That is what they will remember the most about this special day. So, on this children’s day, unleash your inner child and enjoy with your children till the sugar rush drops.

1. Go to an event

Plan a fun day by going to a children day’s event, which is always full of food, swings, and candies, and more. Some events also have clowns and so  to entertain the kids. It will be exciting to go on rides and eat your kid’s favourite food.

2. Start the day with a blast from the past

Make your children feel special by showing them a slideshow of photos from the day they were born to today. Add all of their fun memories and watch it as a family. Tell them the story behind each photo and it will surely make their day. It is quite simple to create a slideshow using Canva. With its easy to use interface, all you need to do is choose a template and start combining your images and videos with music and text.

 3. Explain the significance of this day

The celebration of children day has a long history behind it. It is to honour Chacha Nehru AKA JawaharLal Nehru, first prime minister of India who loved kids. It is a day which emphasizes treating every kid with love, respect, and equality. So, make sure you teach your kids the meaning behind the celebrations and encourage them to treat all their friends, classmates, and juniors with love and respect.

 4. Go for an outing

Children day is a great day to do something fun with your kids, like taking them to a zoo or a planetarium or a beach or a park. If you are unable to plan an outing, take your kids and some of their friends to a play area. They will enjoy themselves and have the best time of their life.

5.Have a small party

A couple of parents can pool in to throw a surprise children day party for the children. It is best to have it in a park or an outdoor seating of your house. It’s because kids like to run and throw ball and play, they would not appreciate sitting around all day. You don’t have to go to great lengths to have a fun kid’s party. Just have some games, food, music, and the children will have the best day.

 6. Do an activity together

Another thing that can make this day exceptional and fun is to indulge kids in a fun activity, like arts or craft or baking or taking them for a swim. The idea is to spend time with them while making sure they do something fun.

7. Let them indulge in food

Okay, we all try to restrict too much sweet or junk from our kid’s diet. But this is their day, and you need to let them enjoy it. So, no need to say no to candies or chocolate or any of their favourite food items. However, you can set some ground rules, like no more than five candies.

8. Have a picnic

Pack snacks that your kids love and go to the beach or the park and have a picnic there.

Just mentioning these activities are making me excited! So, it’s time for you to pick one or more of these activities, and have a memorable day with the kids.


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