Keep It Spooktacularly Trendy This Halloween with Voguish Costumes

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As we hear ghosts and goblins ringing the chime, we know October is about to end with the best day of the year- Halloween! Start stocking up as many candies as you can because soon, your door would be knocked by cute little kids trick or treating you in all their innocence. Take out the dusty pumpkins as it’s their day to scare everyone with the creepiest carved smiles. It’s the perfect day to spend some time with our loved ones and enjoy the best time.

This excitement gets multiplied by a hundred when we think about the Halloween costumes that we are going to wear this year. Well, that comes up with a lot of confusion too. Many of us fell in the hole of despair as we can’t decide how to look different this year. Take a deep breath of comfort because that isn’t big of a problem—many Halloween Costume Ideas 2020 taken from the movies that have hit the cinema for many years. For a variety of ideas, stay with us and save yourself from wasting time searching!

Smelling Some Fresh Blood? Run For It!      

Vampire looks are the hottest picks for Halloweens. Those long coats and big pointed fangs give a perfect scary appearance that creeps everyone out. Now, many people have given a modern, sexy touch to it with bold makeup. Vampires or Dracula come for the blood when the sun goes down, making it more suitable for a Halloween night. So, go for this look and make it chic by carrying the necessary accessories like a dragon head vampire cane and black gloves.

For vampire movie inspirations, the favorite Bella and Edward from ‘Twilight’ are always the hottest picks. Vlad Dracula’s look from ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’ is also a good option. If you’re willing to look gorgeous and scary at the same time, then the beautiful vampires, Gemma Arterton and Saoirse Ronan, cast in ‘Byzantium’ are the best choices. Go for an edge and show up as a headless bride or a headless man from the movie ‘Headless Horseman’ and scare the hell out of everyone!  

Greet Everyone with a Creepy Smile!

The creepiest look of them all is a clown one. The disturbing smile that makes the air awkward every time is perfect for Halloweens. To give a trendy touch to this look, don’t forget to carry balloons with you. A perfect wig and the best makeup artist are the ‘must-haves’ for looking like an ideal clown. Wear a loose, funky costume and take a knife with you to give a scary hint. Many clowns from movies have become a nightmare for all of us for years.

The famous Pennywise clown from ‘IT’ has made us creep out from the sewage lines since we saw him coming out of it. Scare the misbehaving children by dressing up as the clown from ‘Wrinkles the Clown.’ The Joker from the ‘Batman movies’ is the oldest but still the trendiest one. Choose your favorite Joker, put on his suit, do the perfect makeup by focusing mainly on the smile, and give chills to everyone who meets you. If you’re showing up with your partner, then opt for Harley Quinn. You can turn a movie into reality this year by scaring everyone on Halloween’s night as the clown from the movie ‘Terrifier’!

Ace The Walk Of Dead This Year!

Going to the party as a man waken up from the death scares everyone out, just by the thought of it. A zombie look with the perfect SFX makeup is a catchy pick. Zombies have been creeping us out since childhood. The zombie movies that we used to watch as fun always turned out a nightmare for us. Many Zombie movies for inspiration are also present for us like Zombieland and its many sequels.

Freddy Krueger from ‘The Nightmare on Elm Street’ was even worse than the nightmare. Carry a knife and put on a burnt makeup, and hear everyone’s scream! Not to forget the scariest character from the indie videogame world these days, ‘Slender Man.’ The faceless character in a suit could kill you anytime, anywhere!

Wear The Mask, Complete The Task!

A ghost mask made all of us pee our pants as a kid. Anyone wearing that could quickly get us no matter how hard we try to stay strong. The famous ‘Scream’ movie’s ghost has been scaring us since 1996. Talking about years before that, Michael Myers in 1978 from the ‘Halloween series,’ scared the crap out of us with his scary face mask and knife. The Leather face from ‘The Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ and Jason Voorhees from ‘Friday the 13th series’ are also some edgy characters for this year’s Halloween.

Either you dress up as spooky as Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’ or non-spooky in Yellowstone Outfits from ‘Yellowstone,’ feeling comfortable is the most important factor. Always go for a perfect fit and carry the best accessories to add extra glam to the look. Have a fang-tastic Halloween this year!


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