Guide for Visiting the Paxos Island

Guide for Visiting the Paxos Island 1

There would be hardly any person who had noted a visit to Paxos Island in the Ionian Sea of Greece in his travel itinerary during holidays. This is not because of non-availability of any travel package by the tour operators, but also because of the prevailing myth according to which there is nothing to do on the island because of its small geographic location. But, still, the island is visited by lots of tourists throughout the year and is over-crowded during the tourist months. Going through this me and a few of my friends decided to visit the tiny island located in the remote areas of Greece during our vacations.

Corfu the start point of the journey to the island 

As the island does not have its airport, the travelers have to hire a boat from the Corfu town which is located at a distance of almost an hour from the island. As we reached Corfu in the evening we decided to explore its nightlife and began our journey to Paxos the next day. The next morning after a pleasant sleep all of us were energized and ready to witness the beauty of the smallest island which is said to be heaven for the peace and nature lovers.

The trip from Corfu to Paxos Island was one of its kind. It almost ended up in one and a half hours, but during this period we had lots of amazing views on our way. Some of the attractions that grabbed our attention were the Venetian fort located near the ancient city of Corfu, the mountains of Greece, and lots of mesmerizing views.

Well, after landing on the land of Paxos, we reached the villa that we had booked before our visit for avoiding the last moment’s troubles. It would be interesting to know that like other islands, here also you will find the different types of Villas in Paxos Island of Greece, developed to offer comfortable and relaxing accommodation to the visitors. On our reaching to the villa we were offered a warm welcome by the top management of our villa. After relaxing in our villa, we decided to explore the beauty of this small island


It would be surprising to know that despite small in size the Paxos Island has everything for the visitors and therefore saying that there is nothing to do in Paxos seems to be a personal experience of a person, but not of the masses. However, for those who prefer to enjoy late-night parties or moving outside till the late hours of the night, it may not be a place to go for holidays. Anyways, every person has his own choices and preferences, below are some tips for the people visiting Paxos Island for the first time.

  1. Relaxing and shopping in Loggos: It is a small village on the island and can also be regarded as the commercial center of all the economical activities. Here you will find three small markets from where the natives buy the things of their regular needs, a baker’s shop selling fresh fruits and vegetables, brought daily from Corfu. There are lots of small restaurants where you can dine and wine according to your preference.
  1. Erimitis Beach: Although the smallest island in Greece is surrounded by a plethora of beaches, the one beach which is highly recommended to the visitors for visiting is Erimitis Beach. The beach is mainly visited by the people looking for tranquillity. Apart from high cliffs, you will also find an abundance of pebbles on this beach, that you will love to see without blinking your eyes.
  1. Panoramic view of Gaios: While moving to the capital of Paxos Island, the Gaios, there will be a point at the top of the hilly road, from where you can view the panoramic view of the whole Gaios and the beaches covering it. For those who prefer to wake up early morning, this point is the best place to enjoy the beautiful view of the sunrise.
  1. Bars and Restaurants: Like the other parts of Greece, you will find a huge fleet of bars and restaurants also on the Paxos Island where you can enjoy the taste of cocktails, mouth-watering food, and of course, the beautiful view of the nearby beaches. 

Besides, these places there are lots of villages surrounding the island. These villages are easily accessible by boat, some of them are even located at a walking distance and can be visited according to your travel program.


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