This Is the Best Choice for Your Fireplace?


As we are surrounded by the potential health and environmental hazards of wood-burning stoves and open fires, many home-owners are starting to avoid them and are trying to switch to fireplaces that run on smokeless fuel.

The turn away from smoky fires has left many wondering if they will be able to keep their rooms feeling warm and cosy without the familiar crackle of a fireplace. A fireplace can transform a living room into a haven of warmth and sophistication. But fortunately for us, there are several solutions out there to help you achieve the same results but also avoiding the smoke.

It’s true that the fireplaces that run on smokeless fuel are becoming very popular in modern habitats and come with a lot of advantages over their more traditional counterparts.
Bioethanol fireplaces and gas fireplaces are only some of the options and can be installed very  quickly and easily without the need for a chimney and without compromising on style.

But first let’s understand what do we mean with smokeless fuel?

It includes the various types of fuel that only produce very small amounts of smoke when burned. Types of smokeless fuel include, for example, bioethanol and smokeless coal.

Smokeless fuel is a very safe alternative to smoke-producing fuel, particularly wet wood. Traditional burnings produce a very large range of toxic gases and particulate matter (PM) that have a devastating impact on human bodies, increasing the rate of heart and lung diseases.

Smoke from fireplaces is particularly dangerous for people with chronic illness, as well as the very old and very young.

What types of fuel should we be looking for?

Frankly, this depends on your needs for the fireplace and what you want to get out of it. By settling for a biofire, you can enjoy a range of benefits by using bioethanol fuel.

It includes:

  • Option to buy biofuels to make your living room have a great smell.
  • Lower carbon dioxide emissions compared to other smoking fuels
  • They don’t come with a flue and are totally ash- and smoke-free
  • They are very easy to install and extremely easy to use
  • They doesn’t produce harmful PM

Besides bio ethanol fire, you may want to look for a fireplace capable of burning smokeless coal. Although it does not have  the same health and environmental benefits as the biofuel does, as it tends to burn with a stronger flame and for a longer duration.

During the burning process, a very small quantity of carbon dioxide is released with biofuels.

It is worth mentioning that, however,  this quantity is equivalent to how much carbon dioxide will be produced when burning a few tea lights. Whilst much better for your health and the environment, however, it is a good idea to ensure that there is a lot of ventilation in the room where you decide to install your biofire.

Although it is more efficient when it comes to generating warmth, smokeless coal is slightly less impressive when it comes to emissions compared to bio ethanol. It generates roughly 80% less smoke compared to traditional coal and around 20% less carbon dioxide. Also it produces fewer than five grams of smoke per hour, which is very good.

Looking for some bioethanol fuel to get your biofire up and running? Than our range of fuel bottles are for you. Our fuels come in packs of six or twelve bottles and represent excellent value for money.


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