Top tips to help you take care of your Kanjeevaram Saree

kanjeevaram wedding saree
kanjeevaram wedding saree

If you love sarees and want to embody South Indian culture in a piece of cloth, then the Kanjeevaram saree should be your go-to saree. Every woman who wears sarees must have one in their wardrobe. 

Indian Kanjeevarams are famous as the richest handlooms and have been worn by the likes of many celebrities across Bollywood. From Rekha to Deepika Padukone, everyone has donned this beautiful, silky nine yards of elegance. 

The Kanjeevaram silk saree is created by intricate weaving of the silk fabric and is a famous choice of women aiming at the golden appearance at weddings, festivities, and functions. Owing to the shine and durability of these sarees, the kanjeevaram has become extremely popular among people not only in India but across the world!

Another feature that makes these sarees a favourite among women is their regality. 

But finding the right Kanjeevaram wedding saree is not as difficult as keeping it in prime condition. Here is a simple list of tips and tricks that will help you maintain your Kanjeevaram silk saree and keep it in the best condition so you can do it over and over again…after all, it is indeed a statement!

Kanjeevaram Saree
Kanjeevaram Saree

1.  Storing the Kanjeevaram Saree

The very first trick that you should learn while trying to keep your kanjeevaram saree intact in a neat and perfect condition is that you should fold it nicely and simply. Fold the zari inwards to defend the sheen especially in case of all silk sarees.

2.  Store it well

Storing the Kanjeevaram wedding saree is very important. You shouldn’t store it with any other type of saree like cotton or Paithani one. Always wrap the kanjeevaram in Muslin cloth and store it inside separately to improve its longevity. Definitely don’t use plastic over your saree and if you don’t have Muslin, then use another cloth but try to use Muslin.

3.     Use Neem leaves

Neem leaves have a multitude of benefits as they keep the sarees fresh and further keep the moths away. Try to use a silica gel to avoid the growth of fungus. Make sure that you don’t use any naphthalene balls or air freshener as that will discolor the zari work.

4.  Air the kanjeevaram!

Unfold your saree and change its folding every 3 months and before you change, air the saree every 2-3 months to maintain its quality. Regardless of how costly the saree is, the best Kanjeevaram saree is the well-maintained one.

5.  Keep the color intac

To avoid any color fading, store the saree in a dark and dry place and make sure that no sunlight reaches there because that may dull the color and damage the silk.

Cleaning the Kanjeevaram saree

6.  How to wash?

If you are washing your Kanjeevaram wedding saree at home, here are the tips:

·        For the initial three washes, only use cold water  

·        After the third wash, use a mild shampoo

·        Don’t use brushes over your saree or harsh detergents

·        Wash your saree, pallu, and border separately and softly

7.  Dry-Cleaning

Washing the Kanjeevaram at home is risky and if you bought your kanjeevaram saree online then you must have received instructions to get it dry cleaned. The saree has a delicate fabric that requires a skilled hand to clean it. Get it dry-cleaned so all stains are removed and you don’t end up messing the saree at home.  

8.  Do not WRING under any circumstance

Definitely don’t wring your Kanjeevaram saree ever. It may cause permanent wrinkles, so roll the saree in a dry towel to soak up the moisture and then hang on a padded hanger.

9.  How to dry?

The Kanjeevaram should never be dried in direct sunlight, always dry it indoors. And, don’t iron it ever.  

How to remove tough stains from your kanjeevaram saree?

If there are some tough stains on your saree, get it dry-cleaned asap, and don’t wash it on your own as that might aggravate the stains and hurt the fabric. Also, get the saree dry-cleaned as soon as possible as if you put it off, the stains might get tougher to remove.  


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