5 Innovative Ideas to Add Jewelry for Dazzling Up Your Outfits


Creativity and fashion move hand in hand with each other. Their blending makes it possible for us to get something new on our plate. Today, we are here to help you learn something new in terms of fashion. We all very well are aware of the fact that jewelry and outfits are the two most important things when it comes to fashion. Have you ever imagined how it would look if we added these jewel pieces to our outfits? Didn’t get it, right? When put simply, we can now use our earrings, neckpieces, rings, and anklets for accessorizing our outfits.

If still not understood, then here are some exemplary ideas listed below for you. Make sure that you try them and let your inner fashionista come out with these bold yet quirky ideas. Let us begin now!!!

Studded Saree

You can now use all jewelry that you buy online now and here we start with the latest online earrings.  Take the biggest stud in your collection and use it as a brooch for your saree. When you wear a solid colored saree, it surely needs something that can accentuate its look. A huge stud earring is all that you need, but make sure that it is embellished enough to be the star of your outfit.

Ringed Dupatta

All of you must be having a statement ring which is big enough to carry your dupatta in it. By this, we mean that you can roll your dupatta and insert it completely into the ring. Make sure that the length of the hanging dupatta is equal on both sides. This will keep your ring at the center which will accentuate the look of your solid dupatta.

Decorative Choker Waistband

Chokers are the daintiest jewelry that you can think of. Now you can take the best choker from your collection and add it to accessorize your saree look. If in case you are wearing a solid saree, then you can pep it up with a beautiful choker by using it as a waistband. This will surely accentuate the aesthetic of your saree.

Hanging Jhumka Collar

Hope that most of you must have understood what we are talking about here. You can get the biggest pair of ethnic jhumka earrings from your collection and use it. If you are wearing a solid shirt, then you can dazzle it up by adding the jhumkas on the end of collars. There are many designers out there who sell such embellished shirts at a very high price. But yippee, you can create this look at your home without paying even a penny.

Embroidered Shirt Jacket

These days you will find many waist belts that are embroidered with white silk thread and pearls. You can now wear this belt as a jacket by putting it around the neck and then taking it towards the back. Next, all you need to do is tie it at the back and here you go with the new shirt jacket.

Isn’t it amazing how you can do so much with your jewelry? Keep trying all of these ideas yourself and you will realize how much more you can do. Fashion is something which cannot be limited to clothes. You need to come up with new ideas and experiment with them every time!!!


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