Handy’s Recent Growth And Funding

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Mobile applications are all the fuss in today’s technological realm. Nearly all large companies operate online in one form or fashion, and those who do not are swept under the rug with due time. Until a few years ago, finding someone to clean the home has been quite the task. Handy is a mobile app founded in 2012 that lists cleaners’ schedules and availability in an easy to use interface for clients to select from.

Handy is one hundred percent free to use to become familiar with or search for cleaners. The only fees are taken from the cleaners in the form of a twenty percent booking fee.redguard names

The founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua have helped Handy grow to be used in 28 cities in three countries, with the most being right here in the United States. Handy came about in 2012 when the two founders shared a room with each other at Harvard College.

Handy has been in headlines lately because they have gotten fifty million dollars in funding to increase the quality of services already provided in those 28 cities in which Handy already is located. At the end of 2016, Handy is supposed to branch out and start working in new cities. Handy has grown rapidly and consistently since it started back in 2012.redguard names

Handy is available to download from any mobile device essentially and there is also a website where curious potential users can find more about it. Handy is well-known for their innate sense of customer service and treating customers with great respect.


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