Email marketing: Crucial part of the digital marketing strategy

Though there are advance digital marketing channels, email marketing is still in trend. Marketers are still using email to promote their business digitally. Moreover, email marketing is a great way to build a bond with potential customers or clients. 

Companies are still using email marketing because it is a terrific medium that can drive traffic, encourage customers’ retention, direct sales, get customers’ feedbacks, engage a customer with brand, and has many more benefit.

And most importantly, email marketing works great when combined with other digital marketing strategies. If your business wants to improve its online visibility, nothing is better than combining email with social media.

When you send a promotional email to subscribers, you are definitely updating them with your business updates. Adding like and share button to the email gives an additional way for the customers to connect your brand. 

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is when a company sends an email to the customer or client regarding their products/ services intending to make sales. Email marketing can include newsletters that consist of the company’s latest news, promotion of sales or exclusive deal for subscribers. The motive of email marketing is to share information about the company with the customers to keep them updated and to develop a relationship with customers. 

Newsletters are the most effective email marketing strategy that can bring productive result. With email marketing, you can target a particular group of people. Tailoring email to target a specific group of people will give you the best result. When you are sending a customized email, you are reaching to those people who are searching for the particular information or looking from similar products/ services.

Whenever you have content, you can convert it into newsletters or send it as a blog post to your subscribers. These type of emails can be short and simple, introducing the topic and providing a link to access it.

Email marketing is not just to understand and build relationship with customers, but it can amazingly grow brand and add-up revenue in the business. The primary purpose of email marketing is to move customers from one stage to another stage of the buyer’s journey. 

As the customer travel in the path, their value for business increases, adding profit and stability to your business. Email marketing is more than just sending an email every time you publish a blog, but it’s more than promoting business. Email marketing is all about sending email to the right person at the right time to provide benefits to a business in term of revenue, sales, traffic, and conversion. 

Tips for email marketing


Planning is essential in marketing. Plan keeps you steady and stable on the path. The first stage of planning is to identify and define your audience. You need to know for whom you are writing content. So you need to segment your audience from a large group of audience and create personalized email targeting them. 

Create content

When crafting content, you need to create content understanding their interest. Take a time a think what you want to convey through your content. It’s always better to specify your email than combining two or more goal in one email. Even though your target audience is same, it’s better to send two or more email. Email with one purpose will speak better to your audience than with multiple purposes. 

Define goal

When you send email to your subscribers, you will definitely have goal. You may aim to create brand awareness, promote products/ services, educate subscribers, invite subscribers to an event, and encourage them to take specific action. So when formulating content, you need to have a clear email marketing concept so that your content doesn’t go out of the track. 

Email designing

When designing a campaign for email marketing, focus on your message and try to keep your design straight forward. You may highlight the main element in your design so that people can quickly scan your message in email. You can use bold text, images or use taglines in your email to encourage people to take a specific action. 

Test your email

It’s a great idea to test your email before sending it to your subscribers. If you have friends or coworkers who can give feedback on layouts, you can send email to them so that they can preview the campaign directly in their box.

Basant Kumar
Basant Kumar, I am an Indian blogger. I specialize in all types of posts and I have been supporting on social media ever since days. If we want to make you successful and successful then social media is a very good and easy way whether you are in studies or business etc.

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