Led panels: the cutting edge lighting innovation

Led panels

Led panels are led integrated rectangular or square shaped lighting fixtures available in 2 to 4 foot sizes. These are light weight panels which have a quite sleek look, which adds to its aesthetic value. LED panel light offers customers an additional benefit i.e: its ultra thin design due to which they can be easily fixed into shallow ceilings. 

Due to their weight and design they are easily transportable and now a popular choice among contractors. 

Structure of panel lights: 

Panel lights have a housing frame made up of aluminium which also allows proper heat dissipation. The second layer which is the light guide plate houses the led diodes and they are framed by a compact diffuser which allows these panels to cast diffused uniform bright light. The diffuser is made up of acrylic. 

 Types of Panel lights: 

It’s one of the most durable and versatile lighting fixture and is available in two different types which makes it even more reliable to be used in certain places where other lighting options might fail to cover the lighting expectations 

  1. Edge-Lit

Edge-lit panels have LED strips placed along the edges of the fixture.The light is directed through a diffuser using a guide plate, which distributes the light through the mechanism of total internal reflection and appears even. This gives a slimmer profile to edge-lit panels. The V-cut technology within each light allows a number of lights to be edge mounted in order to provide better illumination.

  1.  Back-Lit

On the other hand, back-lit panels have LED diodes arranged in rows across the back of the cavity of the fixture. The light is aimed through the lens directly, providing a more uniform light. These fixtures have a slightly larger profile than edge-lit panels.

These panels have the ability to be easily disassembled and transported as part of a package. With a very quick and swift take down and set up process, the design makes them extremely easy to transport from one place to the next. Since they do not contain any fragile bulbs or hazardous materials such as mercury in the LED light, transport is even more safe.

LED panel light is designed specifically for drywall ceilings or drop ceilings  and weighs only approximately seven pounds making it lightweight enough so a single person can easily install them which also reduces labor costs. Each LED panel light comes with a built-in LED driver which eliminates compatibility issues and helps you install your fixtures quickly.

Once the integrated LED driver is properly wired, the fixture is ready to be installed in the ceiling by either hanging directly from the drop ceiling or suspended by a pendant; there are tabs at the back of the fixture which are bent before placing the fixture. 

Some of the LED panels also have the option of being suspended or surface mounted with the right mounting hardware or kits for greater versatility.


LED panels can be used in places like restaurants, hospitals, recreational centers, large halls e.g. classrooms, event centers etc. 

 The V-cut technology allows these edge-lit panels to be used for backlighting, under cabinet lighting etc. In restaurants or offices we can have custom themes for our setup as they can display various colors. 

Whereas they are quite a popular application in retail and commercial setups. These panels can be used for advertisement of products or general lighting. Their compact designs add to the ambience and attract customers. 

They are easy to install against plaster ceilings, stone surfaces just by using a basic trim kit. 

LED panel light offers a wide range of benefits when it comes to their functionality and efficacy. They last longer than their counterparts, do not go out and have a quick startup process which makes them a better contender in ever so developing industry. 


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