Hiring Tips Before Choosing Vietnamese Translators

Cater to local markets around the world. As a lot of businesses go global, more and more firms are finding it important to cater to local consumer bases all over the globe. If you have branches in Vietnam, for instance, you’ll want to make sure you connect with your target audience. The best way to do that is to create content that’s in their local language. Finding translation experts can help. 

Before getting the right Vietnamese translators for the project, though, you’ll need to go over a few suggestions and tips. While the best translators aren’t going to fall at your feet in batches as soon as you finish these tips, they will make it easier for you to determine which options are worth your time and effort. With plenty of options out there, half the battle of finding the right team is wading through the clutter. If you don’t relish the thought of spending countless hours online scouring through options, then here are tips to make the selection process easier for you. 

Know What You Need

Start with what you need. Identify your project goals. That will tell you what kind of translation services are ideal for you. That should include the size and scope of the project. If you have a ton of clients, it’s best that you pick a translation agency to handle that order. Freelancers might not be the right option for a huge volume of translation projects. 

Consider Expertise

Not all translation services will give you what you need. Think about the subject matter. Do you need translation experts for legal documents? What about medical texts? What about creative works such as poetry or non-fiction essays? Each of these subject matters require different language registers. You’ll want to pick the firm that can provide you with the right project expertise. 

Know the Signs

When you look for translators, make sure you’re well aware of the traps. Find out what to watch out for. Does the firm ask for a down payment? Is the down payment about twenty percent of the total cost of the service? When you ask about the process, does the firm have a ready answer? Can they guide you through the process they use with ease? If they can’t talk about the process easily enough, that’s a possible red flag. You’ll want to look for help elsewhere. 

Check for Feedback

What do other clients say about the firm? Are there plenty of positive reviews? That’s all well and good. But be careful to go over the feedback and check if there’s anything amiss. Are the comments much too similar? Do they say the same thing in nearly the same way? Then those reviews could be generated. Watch out for that. Look for authenticity. That’s why comments that mention one or two minor issues or complaints are much better. They sound so much more authentic. 

Look Beyond the Bad

Bad reviews aren’t always a reason to dismiss the company. After all, there are terror customers out there, so give the firm a chance before you cross it off your list. However, if all the negative comments prove true, then no worries, you can always look for other translation service providers. 

Consider Quality 

You might want to consider giving the company a small project first. See how they handle it. Is the quality of the work questionable? Or are you happy with the results? Sometimes, no matter how much you go over the background of the firm, there’s no better way to know than to hire the service provider and check the outcome of the project. If you’re happy with the results, then you can send a bigger project next time. 

Ask About Proofreading 

Some of the translation services mention that the work goes through a proofreader for the final stage. That’s what you want for your project too. However, keep in mind that translation and proofreading are separate services. They should be. That’s why a firm that offers both is a sound option. 

Factor in Service Quality

Is the staff knowledgeable? When you call the firm, are they polite? Do they give you accurate information that can help you reach a solid decision? What about the quality of their service levels? When an issue pops up, is the firm well able to provide a solution? Do you have the support you need? 

Do the Math

How much will it all cost? If you have other services that you want the firm to perform, then don’t hesitate to ask them about that. Some companies are flexible, and they will only be too, happy to offer additional services for an added fee. Find out how much that fee will run to determine whether it’s right for your project or not. Be sure to consider additional costs that might affect your bottom line too. 

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