Consider These Factors While Installing The Acoustic Fencing

Installing security fencing across the border of the houses, offices, schools, colleges, banks, factories, etc. has been in the practice from the years. The main objective of the security fencing to restrict the entrance of unwanted people and wild animals in your property for burglary and damaging your property. But, in recent times there is a change in the practice of installing the fencing on the exterior of different places, and now the people are preferring to install the fences that along with restricting the entrance of people and other elements in your property is also capable of controlling the noises and sounds that come from the outside or happen inside the premises.

According to various studies conducted during the last couple of decades, noise pollution has emerged as one of the biggest problems in the entire world, after the environmental pollution. The excess of noise pollution results in the emergence of various health problems like heart diseases, hearing problems, irritation, sleeping disorder, and many more. Going through this reason nowadays people prefer to install acoustic fencing on their property so that they can enjoy a peaceful environment in their homes. It would be interesting to know that understanding the benefits of this fencing nowadays they are also being installed inside the premises of factories, schools, shopping malls, and various places.

The worth mention benefit of this noise controlling fencing is that it not only reduces the impacts of noise but also enhances the exterior beauty of your place without any damage. Some of the points that need to be kept in concern while installing these fences in your property are mentioned below:

The thickness of the fencing: 

The thick fencing will mean reduction in the noise and therefore if your house of located at the places which are prone to heavy traffic or near a highway or playground, then installing thick fencing will help in controlling the sounds coming from the exterior sources to a huge extent.

Location of the fencing: 

While installing the fencing make sure it is installed close to the place that is responsible for the origin of the sound so that none of the sounds from exterior sources interrupt in your concentration. The reason for installing the acoustic fencing close to the place of noises is because for the first 10 meters, the sound travels in the straight direction and after that, it moves vertically, therefore to control the impact of noise it is better to get it installed close to the road. 

The height: 

The height of the noise barriers installed across your property should about 2 meters high so that your house is protected from the disturbing sounds effectively.

Covers the full area: 

The barriers installed to control the impacts of noise should be installed across the boundary of your place without leaving any single space from where the noise can enter inside your premises.

These are the main four factors that you should consider while installing the acoustic fencing at your place.

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