4 Myths Busted About Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments

Over the years, the cosmetic treatment industry has witnessed several breakthrough cures with the aid of advanced technology. One of them is laser treatment that blesses us with promising results with minimum to no side effects at all.

Almost every medical cosmetic center offers laser treatments. Whether it is laser Montreal or any other location, patients can benefit a lot from it. Despite impressive results, some people are still unknown to this advanced cosmetic treatment or do not fully understand the treatment procedure.

The lack of knowledge and understanding has given rise to myths. So much so that some patients are too afraid to take this treatment that might help them to a great extent. Here we have tried to bust some of the myths that loom over the laser treatment procedure.

Continue to read till the end to learn the facts of laser treatments rather than the myths.

Myth #1 Recovery time is too long post laser treatment

When we talk about the term “laser” it could mean a lot of things. The laser treatments are deemed to be a broad term. The technology of lasers can be used for a variety of cosmetic treatments.

From laser hair removal treatment to laser skin resurfacing, a lot of procedures involve the use of laser technology. The recovery time primarily depends on the procedure that the patient is choosing. While some of the procedures may take some to recover, some other laser treatment will allow you to resume your daily regime almost the same day.

Myth #2 Laser treatment is not impactful for dark-skinned people

The skin tone of a patient has absolutely no contribution in influencing the impact of laser treatment. Whether you are dark-skinned or fair, the laser treatment is impactful no matter the skin tone.

However, your skin type may alter the results a bit. But don’t worry as many updated laser treatments come along with an adjustable setting. Hence, they can be tailored as per the patient’s skin type.

Myth #3 Laser treatment causes cancer due to exposed radiation

Now who would dare to choose laser treatment after hearing this misguided information? Laser Treatments are an absolutely safe and secure procedure. If you are concerned about the radiation exposure then give your thoughts a rest.

Since the wavelengths that are utilized in cosmetic laser procedures are limited and controlled to a “safe zone” level. Hence, there is no chance for emission of radiation or being exposed to it.

Myth #4 Laser skin resurfacing procedure leaves a visible line on the targeted area

Well, earlier when laser treatment was not advanced then the possibility of this flawed result was high. However, as of today’s advanced and upgraded laser treatment the results are close to perfection.

Earlier the use of CO2 technology was the prime reason behind this flawed outcome. But today almost every cosmetic laser Montreal clinic utilizes fractionated CO2 lasers for the procedure of skin resurfacing.

Hence, the chances of getting a visible line is absolutely zero.


Similar to above enumerated myths there are tons of other myths making rounds related to laser treatments. However, it’s time for you to bust those myths by consulting a reputed cosmetologist and understand the laser treatment procedures.


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