3 Ways to Improve Seeding Ratio Using a Seedbox

remote hosting server.

One of the major torrenting activities for users is the maintaining good ratio when they are seeding over private trackers. However, most of the users face great difficulty to improve their seeding ratio. Now, torrent users know the value of increased seed ratio as it enables them with increased download speed, chances of increased invites in the community and having a good reputation among peers.

Seedboxes could help the users incredibly if you are aiming for this goal along with all the other benefits as well. A remote hosting server that gives the users the power to download torrents at amazing speed. It even gives the users a chance to store the downloaded files right on the server and share them easily with others. Hence, freeing up your system storage for other use. Not just that they also come with automation tools that give the users the opportunity to seed popular torrent files before other users.

Now, if you wish to increase your seeding ratio then getting a seedbox is a must. Also, below we have listed some ways that will help you improve seeding ratio by using this super server. Continue to read till the end to find out.

1.    Begin to host smaller torrent files

One of the great ways to increase your seeding ratios is by downloading smaller sized torrent files and then seeding them. When you seed small sized files, you are developing the chances of other seeders downloading your seeded files.

Torrenters would rather prefer to download smaller sized files than the huge bigger size version of it. Why? Well, simply because it is faster and hassle free. For instance, if you download and seed a movie of 600 Mb and there is a 2 Gb size of the same movie then chances are the seeders will download your version.

2.    Never miss the opportunity to choose new torrents

Another great way to improve your seeding ratio is by choosing newer torrent versions as soon as they are released. The reason behind this is that when a new torrent is available, the number of downloaders for it is more than the uploaders or seeders.

Since there are limited people seeding the new torrents, what you can do is quickly download the new torrent file and become a seeder for it. Since, there aren’t many torrent files available for it, users will download from you. More and more downloaders will be lining up to download that file.

3.    Remember to keep the downloaded files right on the server

Say you have garnered a good ratio; however, many users find a great challenge in maintaining the good ratio. You have to figure out a way to prevent the good ratio from plummeting. But don’t worry if you have a seedbox with enough storage space then you are good to go.

With enough space you can keep the downloaded files right on your seedbox. Keep the downloaded files running on the server so that it is left there for seeding and other users could download the files. This will eventually enable the other users to upload the same files, hence, improving your download to upload ratio.

A good balance shall be maintained by accomplishing this task.


So, what are you waiting for? Here’s your chance to increase the ratio by using a seedbox. Seedboxes could really give the torrenters a greater advantage when it comes to incredible torrenting experience. So, go ahead and follow the above listed ways to increase good ratio using the remote hosting server.


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