Standard or pleated filters: Select as per your needs

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You may hear about the industrial filter paper, which is derived in many different ways like cotton filter paper, fiberglass filter paper, etc. Pleated filters are in trend and, that’s why everyone is using it for industrial cleaning purposes. 

In the initial, people used to pick the bag filters after the technology arrived in the industrial sector, choices shifted onto pleated filters. Both filters are used to improve the efficiency of the indoor atmosphere. As it is an affordable and easier way.

Why is it important to?

There are many noticeable factors for which one should swap the standard filters with pleated filters. To select the right filters, everyone should research to find a particular area and the impurities alkalis. These two factors are essential for the selection of filters. 

Standard filters are useful for many industrial cleaning mechanisms with some conditions. The advantages and disadvantages associated with both filters. 

Advantages of Standard filter bags

Its been a long time for the use of standard filter bags, many people have associated with this business and fulfilling the customer needs.

  • Modest rates

For the operation and processes of the filtration system, there are different types of equipment or parts that people look at. Filter bags are one of those products. The standard filter is available at a modest price that is comparatively less than the pleated filters. Including extra parts and materials with the filtration system just increases the cost.

For big application areas, a set of more bags are needed. Before considering any filter material must consider the facts of initial and future budget estimation.

  • Conventional

If you want to operate the dust collectors system efficiently, many industries still prefer the bag filters over pleated filters. The maintenance and replacement of such a bag are easier than the pleated filters. You may appoint a service-man or do it yourself at home if you know the mechanism.

  • Application area

Pleated filters are specifically designed filters that maintain the indoor air quality and efficiency of the HVAC system but are restricted at someplace as they don’t fit in certain places. Experts suggested that you shouldn’t apply the pleated filters in a moist atmosphere.

To determine the right application area for a pleated filter, you can do an experiment, hold some amount of dust and form it like a ball if the shape is fine, it is not the appropriate place for pleated filters. If you fix the pleated filters in such areas, pleats will get blocked after a while. These things will decrease the air-quality of surroundings and it will increase your expenses.

Advantages of Pleated Filters

  • One tome investment

Pleated filters have opted because it saves time, energy, and money also. In the initial, you have to spend extra money compared to standard filters but it is required for a long time of use.

  • Low pressure

In the designing of pleated filters, an extra amount of cloth is used that holds the dust for a long time and also handles the pressure that eases the filtration process. At the time of the installation process, these filters require less coverage and no need to fix the numerous filters in one filtration system while the standard bag filter is usually derived in the 6-8 bag set.

  • Less-compression

As we have defined in previous points count of the filter is less, so less filter operates in every cycle that decreases the energy and cost. These things extend the life of pleated filters.

  • No-replacement of any part

When we use the bag filters, if anyone bag is not operating properly, you have to change it quickly, as the blockage of the single bag will affect the efficiency of the remaining bags. In pleated filters, you don’t need to spend an extra amount to purchase additional parts. Pleated filters come up with a one-time installation process and, you don’t need to change them in a period.

  • Durability

Standard bag filters are not suitable for the places where construction work is happening at these places, the highest amount of silica, cement, asphalt, sand particles get removed, bag filter is not capable of these materials. To maintain the cleaning of such places, one should try the polyester bags.

Here, in this post, we have mentioned the positive points of the standard bag filters and pleated filters. Apart from these filter bags, you can select the Fiberglass filter bag, cotton filter paper, or other things. 


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