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In America, we can readily discover Mexican food anywhere we go. Americans are savoring Mexican cuisine for a long time. It is also available globally and individually has a good presence in the United States. Due to the growing population of Mexican-Americans in the United States, you can find authentic Mexican food there easily. The demand for Mexican food is high in America. Many people already included it in their diets as well. These are the famous Mexican dishes that Americans eat a lot: fajitas, tacos, carnitas, enchiladas, chimichangas, Quesadillas, etc. In the US, presently you can also discover the traditional Mexican food which is very delicious. It includes the food items identified for their combinations and flavors that leave your taste buds craving more. So there are multiple restaurants like Los Cucos in the United States, they are giving mouth-watering Mexican food to the people. 

MEXICAN FOOD 1626509060
MEXICAN FOOD 1626509060

The number of Mexican restaurants is high that is now giving authentic food and the best dining service to the customers. In this article, we will explain an impeccable Mexican restaurant chain named Los Cucos. Here you can get a great variety in the Mexican food and the fine-dining service. It is already receiving much popularity and got lots of appreciation from everyone. Also, below you can find about its locations and the latest menu in which you can check the prices of the dishes. So keep reading to know all the details about this excellent Mexican restaurant in the United States and don’t miss anything:

Los Cucos

Los Cucos Mexican Cafe is a casual restaurant and bar chain in the United States known for giving tasty Mexican food to customers. This family-owned restaurant chain offers Mexican plates, margaritas, and much more. In their bar, you can get plenty of refreshing drinks. They are present in the restaurant industry for more than 15 years. The backstory of this Mexican restaurant is very inspiring. Los Cucos was started back in 1991 by the founders Sergio and Manuel Cabrera. These two brothers came to Houston, Texas for fulfilling their American Dream. After the hard work of many years, their dreams came true; they have multiple franchises. They are available at more than 20 locations and providing authentic Mexican food. The best thing about this restaurant is that their food is of good quality and gives fine-dine service. 

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The staff members of Los Cucos Mexican Cafe are friendly and informative. They make sure that customers get fast service so they will get a good experience. The environment is suitable to come with family and friends and have a memorable time. You will not get a great variety in Mexican food anywhere like them. The chefs of this restaurant are very creative. Food critics have given good reviews to this restaurant chain, especially for their tasty Mexican food. The best thing about Los Cucos Waco is that they are open all days a week. So you can come on any day with your family to have lunch and dinner. Apart from dine-in, you can take out or order online from home.

Los Cucos Menu

You will not be going to get a lot of variety in Mexican food anywhere as you can only get it on Los Cucos Menu. Here you will get plenty of Mexican dishes made with fresh ingredients every day. You can find authentic Mexican food items for your lunch or dinner. They have options like Quesadillas, Tacos, Burrito, Fajitas, Enchiladas, and much more. In their bar menu, you can get Margaritas, Sangria, Beer, etc. Their stuffed avocados are much popular that you should also try. The best thing is that everyone will find something for them in the Los Cucos Menu.

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If you are planning to visit this Mexican restaurant, you can first check their menu. In this way, you will get an idea of what dishes they serve right now. Also, remember that the menu can vary between its locations. So we have mentioned the Los Cucos menu below in which you can also find the prices of all the dishes, so check it:


Original Sm  $6.99   Lg $9.99
Ground BeefSm  $8.99   Lg $11.99
Beef FajitaSm   $9.99   Lg $12.99


Taco And Soup$11.99
Caldo De Res$13.99


Beef FajitaSm(6) $9.99   Lg(9) $13.99
Chicken FajitaSm(6) $8.99   Lg(9) $12.99
Ground Beef Sm(6) $8.99   Lg(9) $12.99
CombinationSm(6) $9.99   Lg(9) $13.99


Chicken     $10.99
Beef $12.99
Shrimp $12.99
Chicken $14.99 
Beef $15.99
Salmon or Shrimp $17.99


Chicken $12.99   
Beef $13.99  


Beef Fajitas $14.99 
Chicken & Spinach $12.99 
Chicken Fajitas $12.99 
Shrimp $14.99




Shrimp Pablano$19.99
Fish Cancun$22.99
Seafood Al Vapor$23.99
Fish Playa Azul$18.99


Mexican Bowl$12.99 
Chicken Florentino$14.99
Super Salad Bowl$14.99
Grilled Fish Fillet$15.99
Skinny Stuffed Avocados$16.99
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Siracha Tacos$15.99
Tacos Plazeros$13.99


Parrillada San Luis$24.99
Fajitas a la Cucos$22.99


Entomatadas $13.99
Chile Con Queso$11.99
Ground Beef$11.99


Ground Beef$9.99


Just Avocado$ 9.99

Locations Of Los Cucos

The Mexican restaurant Los Cucos is present in multiple places in the United States. They are available at more than 20 locations. These are the locations of this restaurant chain: Los Cucos Waco, 290 @ Jones RD, Cypress, Woodlands, Katy Mills, Pearland, Katy, Bryan, El Campo, Sandy, Kingwood, Utah, and more. You will get the best quality Mexican food and good dining service at all locations of Los Cucos. There are also planning to open more outlets at different locations. 

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So you can visit the nearest outlet of the Los Cucos restaurant to enjoy their mouth-watering Mexican food. For more details regarding the locations of this Mexican restaurant, you can check their official website. 


So, Los Cucos is an excellent Mexican restaurant chain where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with your family. Here you will get excellent options in Mexican food. They provide tasty dishes which are made with fresh ingredients every day. The environment of this restaurant is friendly; you will have a great time here with your loved ones. The staff members are skilled and have polite behavior. The mission of this restaurant chain is to give a wide range of Mexican food and good dining service.

 If you visit here, you should try their tacos, fajitas, Mexican bowls, and stuffed avocados. They are much popular in the restaurant industry as they are keeping their customers happy for a long time. So visit the Mexican restaurant Los Cucos today and taste their delicious food. 


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