lord krishna quotes in hindi


A little while ago, I was looking around the internet, and came across the many beautiful quotes that lord krishna has given us. I’ve tried not to quote them in my posts, because they are not necessarily the kind of thing I would choose to use on my blog, but it is worth mentioning.

lord krishna is most famous for his famous quote about the word ‘Gandhi.’ However, it could as easily be another quote, since the quote he gave us is not actually even his original quote. Instead, he gave us a quote from his book ‘The Bhagavad Gita’ in which he says, ‘Hindus have the greatest mind’, which is obviously a reference to the great Indian philosopher and saint, Bhagavad Gita.

Lord krishna is famous for his quote about the term ‘Gandhi’, which is the Sanskrit name for the root word Gandharvad, which means ‘to give praise’. It’s also popularly used in the Hindu mythic epic Sākhyanāra, which was written by Gandharvad in the fourth century BCE.

The concept of the “mind” of a Hindu is based on the idea that we are the “mind-like” beings with a body and a mind. The mind is a body, and it’s the body and mind that we see, hear, smell, taste, and be-be-mind. The brain is a computer that senses images and information. It’s a brain that is a computer that is a computer that knows the data and can manipulate it.

In Sanskrit it means to speak, or say something. In Hindi, it denotes the mind, or the mind of a person. If you’re a Hindi speaker and you want to say something, you use the word “शिव”, which means to say something, and “तीर”, which means to say.

Lord Krishna is the personification of wisdom. All of the gods and goddesses in Hindu mythology are the embodiment of a god or goddess who embodies wisdom and is the basis of order. In a way, he is the embodiment of the universe itself. But he is also the embodiment of ignorance in the world. He is the personification of the void, the absence of anything that is being known. The first personification of an idea, Krishna is the representation of the idea itself.

In the context of Hindu mythology, Lord Krishna is described in this Wikipedia entry as the personification of knowledge. Krishna is a paragon of intellectual curiosity and is also the embodiment of wisdom in Hindu mythology. It may not be a coincidence that he is the personification of ignorance. Just as a personification of something is not necessarily a representation of the thing itself, neither is a representation of knowledge necessarily an representation of ignorance. But there is a difference.

The word is a synonym for “knowledge,” and the word is a synonym for “self-knowledge” in Hinduism. We can call these synonyms because they are terms that are often used to mean “knowledge in itself,” and that refers to the extent to which our minds are aware of our own knowledge. It’s the same reason that the term “knowledge” is in Sanskrit, the Sanskrit language.

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