Learn The A-List Celebs Style with the Right Yeezys

jairus gallimore yPxbhVyrArM unsplash
jairus gallimore yPxbhVyrArM unsplash

You finally bought your first pair of Yeezys and you are damn excited to show them off. While you have every right to brag about them and flood your socials with your Yeezys on, you must make sure that your outfit goes well with the exclusive sneakers.

Afterall, Yeezy Boost 500 or any other Yeezy range of sneakers deserves to be worn with A-list style. Today, we are here to talk about different Yeezy ranges and how well you can rock them with complimenting style and outfit.

Mind you we have heavily drawn inspiration from A-list celebs who are never really out of style even when they are having a casual day out. So, it’s time to up your style game with the right pair of Yeezys.

Keep reading till the end to learn all about it.

Yeezy 750

Now, when it comes to Yeezys, the most talked about and cherished range is probably the Yeezy 750. Treat them as premium as you would treat an Air Jordan 1 High.

But the Yeezy 750 range is available in tonal colorways such as Brown, Grey, Black or Light Brown. Nevertheless, the limited tonal color options allow you to go bold with your outfit.

You can nail more than one style with a single pair of Yeezy 750. If you choose to wear something classy like an all-black suit then you can pair them easily with your Yeezy 750. Think about DJ Khaled’s 2016 Grammy Awards Red Carpet look.

Now, the best thing about Yeezy 750 is that you can wear them with any outfit really and they would look cool with all. So, if you want nothing extravagant and just want to wear a simple white tee and jeans then now is the time to flex your Yeezy 750.

Yeezy 500s & 700s

The Yeezy 500 and 700 range belong to the category of big sneakers. You can wear these big sneaker ranges without tying any knots and style them conveniently.

When we talk about Yeezys, especially the 500s and 700s range, the first celeb that pops up in our head is none other than Kanye West. You may have seen him rocking these range of sneakers with a boost of single coloured solid outfit.

Yeezy 500s are available in monotonal colors whereas Yeezy 700s have 2-3 colors giving some options. The best way to pair your Yeezy Boost 500 is with some colorful outfits. Don’t shy away when it comes to experimenting with colors as the monotonal color and funky style of sneakers will perfectly compliment your ensemble.

So, put on a bright colored hoodie and nice comfy sweatpants to go with your Yeezy 500s or 700s. For summers, you can also pair your Yeezy with colorful shorts and some wacky patterned socks.

It’s all about making a style statement when you are sporting a Yeezy.

Yeezy 350

Do you own a pair of classic Yeezy 350 or the 350 V2s range? Rocking an uber chic style with this range of sneakers wouldn’t be a problem at all.

The simple yet stylish silhouette and wide range of color options gives this Yeezy range a lot of flexibility. You can choose to wear anything and rock any style with the Yeezy 350 line of sneakers.

Whether you wish to go with edgy street style or the sporty casual style, you shall find many celebs rocking these looks with their Yeezy 350 on. Celebs like Justin Bieber, David Beckham are often seen sporting such style that look effortless yet high on style.

Yeezy Foam Runner

There’s no styling rulebook for Yeezy Foam Runner range as you can do nothing wrong when having runners on. The kicks look and feel super comfy and so should your outfit.

However, one pro styling tip that you can learn from the A-listers is to never go easy picking out the socks when you are wearing Yeezy Foam Runner range of sneakers.


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