Is Wedding Marquee a Good Option to Choose?

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Choosing the venue is one of the first things that you have to decide on when planning for weddings. While booking up a plaza or a hotel facility is a good idea, they aren’t cheap options to go for and you may find it difficult to book the place on your set wedding date.

That is why many people opt for wedding marquee Dublin or in other locations instead of hotels or plazas for their wedding venue. But is it really a good option to choose for your auspicious wedding day?

Well, wedding marquees can be a pretty flexible option and yes, they can really be a smart option for choosing a venue for your wedding. Still not convinced with the option? We are here to change your mind as we present to you some obvious perks that you can only get with a wedding marquee.

Continue to read till the end to learn the reasons why wedding marquee is a good idea to invest on.

1.    You can choose any location that you want

The best thing about going for a marquee wedding is that you get to pick any location that you want. You can choose to set your wedding venue right at your home’s backyard or any type destination that you have dreamed of.

You can have a destination wedding at your desired location if you choose for a marquee. The wedding marquee providers will set up the beautiful marquee perfectly at your decided location conveniently.

If you have a long guest list, you can choose a location that is wide enough to fit hundreds of people. Marquees are pretty flexible that could accommodate any amount of guest at your desired location.

2.   The added value of enjoying outdoor view

Nothing looks more pleasant and beautiful than an outdoor wedding. If you have an aesthetic outdoor location in your mind and plan on getting wed there then wedding marquee is the ideal choice.

You can take advantage of the fresh and beautiful outdoor view and add value to your marquee wedding. All of the guests will have a gala time attending your wedding while enjoying the outdoor view.

Marquees are the perfect choice if you wish to set up your wedding venue at outdoor premises with a beautiful view to admire.

3.   There is no bar for custom design

While hotels and plazas are a popular choice for choosing wedding venues, there are a number of guidelines that you require to follow. This could take away the fun of planning a wedding as per your wishes.

Custom designs can be a big hassle as not many hotels and plazas allow for that and you cannot add certain elements as they may be against their policy. However, there is no bar for choosing a design when you go for a marquee wedding.

In fact, event planners offer customized marquee services to customers. So, if you have a certain idea or design concept for your wedding, you can discuss with the marquee team and get it done as per your desire.

4.   Fits to every type of budget

Booking hotels or plazas can be really expensive if you even get your desired date to book the place in the first place. Now, let’s face the truth here – planning a wedding is expensive.

If you have a restraint budget for setting up your wedding venue then marquees are the best option to choose. You can establish a budget and choose a marquee that fits your budget.

Customers have plenty of options when it comes to choosing marquee size and type. Each category influences the price and you can even customize to make the marquee suitable as per your set budget.

5.   You can be as creative as you want

If you have a creative streak in you and you want your wedding to be unique then marquee wedding is the go-to choice for you. Marquee allows you to be as creative as you want as you can choose to add elements to it to make the whole setting stand-out from other wedding venues.

You can even take help from your wedding planner to add creative elements to the marquee and make it even more gorgeous.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose for the best wedding marquee Dublin and plan out a fabulous wedding event.


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