IP PBX Software for Data and Voice Convergence in ISP Setup

Software for Data and Voice
Software for Data and Voice

Internet Service Providers (ISP) typically offer broadband plans and that means users can have access to the internet. The same line can also be used for VoIP telephony. However, in a parallel mode of operation it requires a router to transport data and voice packets. IP PBX provides the vital convergence of data and voice. IP PBX software takes on functions of switch and PBX to let users enjoy voice calling, SMS, MMS, text and even video in addition to internet access. At one stroke, you as an ISP, deliver far superior customer service and experience. 

Fluid blend

Consider a scenario in which ISPs do not offer IP PBX. Customers are left to putting in place telephony systems. They may set up IP PBX or use desktop computers, IP phones and PSTN phones connecting to the internet and IP PBX through switches, ATA and routers. Poor quality of calls can result if computer softphones and IP phones/PSTN phones are not kept separate from data. Voice packets are not prioritized. This type of scenario may adversely affect your reputation as ISP since customers do not know the reason for low call quality. Offer them IP PBX services by opting for multi-tenant IP PBX software and these discrepancies disappear. Data and voice/media converge but voice packets receive priority through the IP PBX software that also works as a gateway in a nice, fluid blend. 

Get more business with IP PBX software in ISP setup

  • Each business, new or existing, needs internet and telephony. With multi-tenant IP PBX software at your command you can get more business. 
  • Offer bundled internet and telephony and startups will prefer you since software IP PBX does away with the need for IP Phones, PSTN phones and separate network for voice telephony. 
  • Existing businesses will welcome the combination of internet and IP PBX service rolled into one convenient bundle.  It becomes particularly when you offer unified communication layered onto the IP PBX and, for larger enterprises the multi-tenancy is a just-made-to-order feature. 


Typical IP PBX software offers a host of features: 

  • Voice, chat, fax, SMS, video and social media, multi-level IVR, voice mail
  • Call forwarding, click to call, call return, barge in, call park among others
  • SMS and voice broadcast

You have hundreds of IP PBX users in your subscriber base. It would get very muddled if they all had access to the same features, even when they do not need it and have to pay for it. 

  • Multi-tenancy lets you have individual subscribers and assign rates as well as access rights to specified modules. 
  • You can engage resellers who become tenants with downstream clients becoming their sub-tenants. They can set their rates and define access permissions
  • Large enterprise can become a tenant and their branch offices become their sub-tenants. Each tenant and sub-tenant can maintain individual phone book records, call records, set permissions and account for calls as well as usage. 
  • Users can plug in their individual CRMs to ensure privacy. You can just as well provide centralized CRM with individual accounts for each tenant. 

Capable multi-tenant IPPBX will handle over 1000 concurrent calls and provide over 10000 extensions. What this means is that you can have thousands of clients and never have to worry about the IP PBX software not being able to handle the load. The multi-lingual capability means you are not restricted to a particular location. The world is your playing field. Show them how they can boost their business with IP PBX and you will find it easy to get customers. For instance, UC on the IP PBX helps business communicate effectively which directly translates to more revenues. Collaboration between teams becomes easy with conferencing. IVR inclusion reduces load on employees and boosts self service, when done right. 

Hosted makes all the difference

 It would be a challenge for ISPs to set up and offer IP PBX services but when you have access to hosted multi-tenant IP PBX there is nothing to worry about. You simply offer the service and rake in revenues. Your vendor takes care of routine maintenance and service through constant support. 

Managing it all

Traffic is your product and currency so it is necessary to keep a sharp lookout on what is going on. You will find that managing the IP PBX and clients becomes easy with a single dashboard that displays status and lets you set rates, set up new customers, assign rights and so on. Sub-tenants below you can, likewise, use their dashboard to manage their accounts. 

The current trend towards facilitating remote working is another convincing reason for ISPs to get IP PBX and offer IP PBX as a service. Superior protocol and media codec handling make IP telephony a pleasure. Remote workers as well as businesses that employ remote employees will welcome your offer of IP PBX along with internet services. 


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