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Use WordPress to design websites

WordPress is an open-source written by the PHP programming language, incorporating MySQL database management system. The original purpose of WordPress was to help users create a personal blog, but over a long period of time with the useful features constantly updated by WordPress, that purpose gradually changed. Now people use WordPress to design many different types of websites, simply because it is easy to use and has many useful features. Today, WordPress is considered as a content management system (CMS), suitable for designing a variety of websites, from referral websites, personal blogs, corporate websites, business websites, sales websites, E-commerce website design, … Any form of the website can be designed with WordPress.

Today, 1 in 4 websites will be built on WordPress, according to estimates so far there are over 60 million different websites designed with WordPress. Every month WordPress website users around the world publish about 43.7 million articles and have nearly 58.8 million new comments and comments.

Despite being open-source, WordPress still receives the trust of many major brands across the globe. Many companies, businesses, news agencies, music stars, athletes … decided to design a WordPress website to promote their brands, products, and services to the public and customers. That shows how attractive WordPress is.

One of the advantages of WordPress is that there are many WordPress plugins that support good for website administration and marketing. In addition, the WordPress interface is also very rich and diverse, you can freely choose hundreds of thousands of website interfaces provided by reputable global theme providers such as mythemeshop, junkie theme, ThemeForest, elegant theme. …

If you are planning to design a website to serve your work as if you are still wondering which platform to choose, refer to the famous websites in the world designed with wordpress.

Famous websites designed by wordpress

One of the common misinterpretations around WordPress is that since it is open-source, it may not be great sufficient for enormous brands. To prove this is a wrong point for people to look more visually, we have listed a number of major websites using WordPress of brands, celebrities, public companies. technology.

Big brands use WordPress to design business websites

Coca Cola France website

Looking at the website can clearly see the vivid, creative, with the dominant red tones of the website, clearly expressed Coca Cola. To prove that WordPress is not just a blogging platform, Coca-Cola France has used it as a complete CMS version, the brand’s website is built on many media, including images. Nice photos, well-formatted articles and lots of entertaining videos. If you are planning to design a sales website, you can use wordpress as the main platform. No one dares to say this is a trivial website.

Sony company website

Sony is a very big brand in the electronics and gaming industry. Sony is also famous for its media and smartphone production. Their official blog runs on the WordPress platform, without many features in the style of the website, the highlight here is that the site is designed to add more content about their products and give technical details. User Attraction from many different types of products. This website does not contain an archive with lots of information about its various products starting from 2007.

Sony Music Entertainment, owned by Sony America, uses the WordPress website to showcase popular music artists such as Brad Paisley, Sia, Usher, and Michael Jackson. Simple website design, Sony only draws the attention of the artists to the artists, nearly two-thirds of the space on the website is occupied by the images of musicians to help Sony clearly show popular and news videos. related news about his artists ..

Website of a Vogue fashion magazine

Vogue is a world-famous fashion magazine, Vogue receives an incredible amount of traffic every month. Vogue designs the wordpress website to create your introductory website, the headers of the website may look relatively simple but when you scroll down, you will notice the nuances that only a style magazine can envision. OK. Basically the functions of a fashion-news website, wordpress all perform very well.

Use WordPress to design news and media websites

CNN TV channel website

Characterized as a news channel specializing in news, CNN always wants to bring the audience the latest timely and hottest news. And to do it in the best way possible, CNN trusted to use WordPress to create its website to serve about 24 resident journalists stations abroad and 9 permanent correspondent stations in the country. always up to date information, so CNN website is considered one of the leading reputable news websites in the world media.

USA Today daily

Presented with a colorful layout, clear illustrations including many charts, graphs and images, USA Today daily is also a product from WordPress, one of the most popular electronic newspapers in the country. America. Looking at the USA Today website interface, it’s hard to think that it was designed in wordpress. The modern interface, with many useful news features, makes many people think that the USA Today website is designed with high-end platform.

BBC America website

The BBC America website is an entertainment news website designed on the WordPress platform. It is possible to take a look at the extensive content on the BCC America website that is natural history, movies, science fiction and TV series. A lot of the content on the site is about television shows of various genres. In addition, the information in the website is very large, there is a lot of video content in various forms from blogs, TV shows to knowledge about entertainment business.

You can also shop right on BBC America’s website, there is a shopping tab among the menu options and it allows you to buy TV products like Top Gear, Sherlock … In addition, you can Check out the follow-up for the TV series you’re interested in, or get to know your favorite TV showtimes. The website’s planning information structure will help you do all that, it is built and intuitive to handle. With such useful and complex features, few people know that all those great things are integrated from a website built on WordPress platform!

Forbes magazine website

Forbes Magazine uses WordPress to design news websites that provide information to users. What makes Forbes blogs stand out is that the various features are seamlessly integrated with each other. Although there are many websites online, Forbes can still store related content and link them into useful information before the access of a large number of users.

Set up music websites, personal recommendation websites with WordPress

MTV News website

MTV really trusts WordPress to experiment with the MTV Newsroom blog, which is a high-traffic website with a lot of content, including articles, music and video apps, websites that are regularly updated and used. using a traditional simple three-column blog design.

Usain Bolt website

Have you ever wanted to know the power of humans beyond the limits of human ability, Bolt will certainly be a typical example of them. The Jamaican runners’ website will let you know what is possible, here Bolt will show your sports achievements through a lot of images. WordPress is proud to be used by Bolt for its website, which has a screen slider followed by a series of information about his most recent activities on the sports achievements and competitions he competes with.

Singer Beyonce’s website

Also another social and cultural symbol of our time, a site entirely dedicated to the artist Beyonce. The website is designed on the WordPress platform, showing a lot of daily work from her photo catalog, there are large images on the homepage of the website presented beautifully, too great for a tech website. global famous artist.

Katy Perry’s website

Pop princess Katy Perry uses WordPress to set up her official website, focused layout, easy to understand, using lots of images and social media information. When scrolling down, users can view the tour schedule and her activity information.

Website is designed to be clean, full of life and combines personal images of artists with many handy features, easy to manipulate with users. Perry’s website embodies her true personality with a simple white background and links that can be easily navigated, allowing fans to choose to listen, watch or learn easily and conveniently. Social media is also heavily concentrated on the website and is emphasized around the website in a number of effective ways.

Some other big brands design websites with wordpress

Official LinkedIn Blog

Another big brand that uses WordPress to build websites is LinkedIn. The company blog provides an official source of information related to many different areas, the blog emphasizes images and article details. In terms of design, LinkedIn has done a good job of mimicking the colors used on its homepage, with over 300 million members, which is clearly a very valuable blog.

SAP News Center

SAP is a multinational corporation, whose main specialty is to create software for enterprise resource planning. Their blog also uses WordPress to syndicate news from their departments in different countries.

Harvard University Website

Besides using wordpress to design a sales website or an introductory website, people also use WordPress to design websites for universities. One of the famous universities using WordPress to design websites is Harvard University. Harvard’s blog and website are all built on WordPress: Harvard’s Rugby football club, Neiman journalism lab, and Weblogs at Harvard Law University.

WordPress is the optimal choice for website design

So, Mona Media has joined you with the major brands that use WordPress to design websites. At this point, you probably no longer have doubts about the features of WordPress. With WordPress you can design all kinds of different websites, there are many website templates you can refer to when designing on the WordPress platform such as:

Sales website template

Sample website introduction

News website template

Real estate website template

These are quite popular website templates today, which are selected by many companies, businesses, and individuals to design their websites. From administrative experience, it is easy to use WordPress, even for people who are not tech-savvy as well as WordPress. Normally if it is fast, it takes a week after handing over the website that you can know how to post, post pictures, products, introduce, etc. website.


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