Different Types of Custom Challenge Coins

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connor hall r HLeGnbY 8 unsplash

The emergence of first challenge coins can be traced back during the First World War, where military units were given special engraved medallions for identification. From then till now, the value and meaning of challenge coins have evolved.

Challenge coins are valuable items for military personnel and are used for the purpose of signifying pride, solidarity and representation of the unit they belong to. However, it is not just the military force that uses challenge coins. Other fields of occupations also have personalized challenge coins such as custom firefighter challenge coins and more.

Over the years, the demand for customized challenge coins has gone up as more and more industries have started utilizing the challenge coins for various purposes. To learn more about the different types of challenge coins, we have enumerated a few popular challenge coins found in different fields.

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Military Challenge Coins

To begin with, let’s start with the most popular type of challenge coins which are the Military Challenge Coins. As mentioned earlier, the origin of the first military challenge coin was almost 100 years ago when the first world war occurred.

Today, the use of challenge coins is widely used in different countries for honoring the courageous acts of the veterans. Challenge coins are used as a token of appreciation and reward for the relentless dedication of the presently serving military personnel.

In special ceremonious events, the challenge coins are presented to the deserving personnel. Challenge coins are also given to retired military individuals as a tribute to their exceptional career and devotion. For any military personnel, challenge coins hold a great value and meaning.

Alternatively, there are certain etiquette rules for military challenge coins. For example, military personnel must always carry his or her unit’s challenge coin at all times. As they can be asked to show the coin anytime.

Firefighter Challenge Coins

Even though the custom of challenge coins originated in the field of Military, soon people realized its importance and value in different working areas. The more deserving occupations such as the Firefighting troops are no less than military personnel.

To show recognition of their bravery and efforts firefighters put in every day to keep citizens safe, challenge coins are used in a fitting way. Each firefighter department has uniquely designed custom firefighter challenge coins.

There are several design samples for firefighting challenge coins which can help in customizing special challenge coins for the firefighting departments. Additionally, there are several coin manufacturers that have a team of skilled artists to help custom design challenge coins of specific needs.

Police Coins

In order to appreciate and honor the prestigious and purposeful role of law enforcement, Police Challenge Coins are suitably used. The occupation involves working in high-risk missions for the sake of keeping the civilians safe.

The heroic deeds of Police Officers are ideally recognized with the valuable and meaningful challenge coins. The custom Police coins given to an individual officer often include the name of the officer and date when the coin was presented to him or her.

The challenge coins are usually gold, silver or bronze plated with a sturdy and clear design or artwork in the middle. Challenge coins are usually given to an officer in an awards ceremony in recognition of his or her exceptional act and dedication toward the occupation.

Corporate Challenge Coins

Over the years, the purpose and use of challenge coins have expanded. In today’s day, challenge coins, especially customized challenge coins are popularly used in the corporate world.

Challenge coins serve various purposes in the corporate area as they are customized in many ways. Companies often customize challenge coins to reinforce a certain corporate identity.

They are also used to commemorate a company’s milestone. Challenge coins are also popularly used in corporate companies to reward their staff that perform exceptionally in various criteria.

Other than these challenge coins, you will find several other types such as Support Coins, Masonic Challenge Coins, etc. With extensive customization being available, it has become easy to produce different types of challenge coins serving a variety of purposes.


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