If you’re suspecting your partner of cheating or being involved in unfaithful activities, chances are that you’re already a victim of disloyalty. Of course, the indications of cheating will be different in every relationship but some very typical signs will appear and you must be able to note them. 

Most importantly, if your intuition tells you that your partner has been involved in something fishy, you should believe it. But you need concrete evidence before you take any significant action. You can gather some proofs on your own. However, if you want to take the matter to a higher place, you’ll need a private investigator in London to bring you all the relevant information that could prove your doubts. But before you hire a PI, look for these signs:

  1. Diminishing Emotional Intimacy

You cannot expect any relationship to remain as good and intense as it was at the start, it’s only natural that people get bored of each other and lose the initial bond. However, people learn to bond and secure their relationships by learning each other well, sharing their secrets, and every other significant event that happens in their lives. This is emotional intimacy. If you notice that your partner has suddenly started to become distant and is mostly emotionally unavailable, this might be strong evidence that your partner is tilting towards another person.

  1. Unusual Expenses

If you suspect your partner of any such activity, you can always look into their credit cards or if they use your bank account, do note if there is a sudden change in the cash withdrawal patterns. If you see a major drop in cash in your accounts, ask your partner about the expenses and if their answer doesn’t satisfy you, it surely proves the fact that they are hiding something. 

  1. A different Routine

You must have spent a considerable amount of time with your partner and in all this time you know every bit of their schedule. If your partner suddenly starts having late outs at work, chances are that they’re lying. Some very common excuses that you may get from your spouse are: having to travel for work to different cities, weekend getaways, getting stuck in a traffic jam, car breakdowns, or spending extra time at their friend’s place. An unfaithful partner is also likely to forget important events like anniversary dinners and birthdays and in some instances, forgetting to pick up kids or regularly asking you to do these tasks that were their responsibilities. 

  1. Your Partner Becomes Less accessible

If your partner has found interest in another person, there’s a high probability that they won’t always pick up your calls or respond to your messages. On inquiry, you might encounter statements like, “I was in a meeting”, “I overslept” or that they were unaware that you tried to contact. 

  1. Keeping Secret Gadgets

Any cheater would orchestrate their plans through the use of their phones. If in past your partner’s phone was always open for you and it suddenly asks for a password you don’t know, this might be a bad sign. Also note if your partner is not willing to lose possession of their phone at all times, carrying them everywhere and hiding their phones before they sleep. In addition to this, if your partner keeps deleting texts and starts clearing their history regularly, this definitely means they are hiding something. After all, what is there to hide from your significant other?


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