7 Ways to Help Men Live A More Organised Life

7 ways to organize
7 ways to organize

If you want to live and work a more planned life, try the following ways. Planning is essential for you to be successful in life. But planning it is difficult to do it ten because there are so many things that distract me from the original goal.

Just by following 7 ways, I believe that you will live and work more planned:

1 | Review the plan

A good plan should have a clear goal and a detailed step-by-step roadmap.

Objectives are clearly measurable or visible ones. For example, if you want to lose weight, you have to specify how much weight you lose in how long.

2 | Be aware of your weaknesses

Everyone has weaknesses. They are the number one cause of my plan failure. People who want to lose weight like junk food, people who want to study well are addicted to games, etc. Instead of denying them, acknowledge them. Just adjusting it, like finding for yourself more healthy food besides eating junk food sometimes, especially in this situation when government forces many people to stay at home because of Coronavirus. Only then can I find a suitable solution.

3 | Get rid of temptations

There is a saying “out of sight, out of mind”. This sentence is true not only for people but also for things. Use it to address your weaknesses.

If you love playing games that affect work or study, delete the game from your computer. If the addiction to sweets makes you fatter every day, get rid of them by giving them to someone else. Removing temptations in your own environment will help you to reduce distractions and stick to your plans.

4 | There is a will

Willpower can only be achieved by using reason to suppress emotions. No one can help you with that, only you can. You must overcome your own soft moments. For example, when it comes to gym time, even when you are half-watching a good movie, you have to quit to do as you plan.

Or have told me not to “turn around” for a week, if you accidentally click on a sensitive link, turn it off and go out for a while. Only when I have a strong will, can I live and work more planned.

5 | Long waterproof rain

Changing a bad habit to follow a plan can be difficult. But you can solve it with the tactic of “long-lasting rains”. In particular, instead of changing everything right away, do it slowly, step by step. For example, at the beginning of exercise, you can start with only 10-15 minutes, then increase gradually over the next few days.

Or if you want to get up early, today just sleep 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. Then that continued. According to research, a new habit will be formed after 21 days of regular practice.

6 | Flexibly handle unplanned situations

There are always incidents, unexpected situations that make my plan no longer the original. At this point, we must know how to deal with it flexibly. For example, it has been established that the principle must be vegetarian for one month, but the brothers are invited to a barbecue party by friends.

Don’t be quick to say no, and don’t easily accept the exception. Please accept the invitation but bring your own food. Or eat first at home and come there just drink water, talk.

7 | Forgive me and move on

Even when I do my best, sometimes things still go out of plan. But that’s what life is. Therefore, forgive yourself then learn from your mistakes, and keep moving forward. Living and working with a plan is a necessary condition for success. Therefore, let’s start right now with the 7 ways above.


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